I returned to painting in retirement after a career as a Chartered Physiotherapist having shelved artistic aspirations since schooldays.
I have recently moved from Gower to The Mumbles area Swansea and am inspired and spoilt for choice by my immediate surroundings. I work mainly in watercolour in the traditional manner constantly seeking to capture the luminous transparent washes which do such justice to the light and atmosphere of this area.
I work out of doors as much as possible though weather conditions sometimes make it difficult to complete the painting outside. However what I take home will form part of my interpretation of that experience when I paint it up later.


Visitors to my site have probably noticed a gap in the updating of news and paintings. The Stones moved house last year resulting in the temporary loss of my studio and insufficient time to paint with brushes less than 6 inches wide! However life is returning to normal and I have a small exhibition of watercolours in Oriel Bach, Mumbles from now until December 23rd.
I will be having an exhibition next July in Oriel Bach followed in September by another in The National Trust Rhosilli.Details of both in the New Year. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas.